Professional Training on Agile Performance Testing LoadRunne

Posted by 3RI Technologies on 13/03/2018
Type of ad Professional Offer
Duration: 35-40 Hours
•Knowledge of Basic Software Testing.
•Knowledge Of Java

•What is Performance Testing?
•Need of Performance Testing?
•Methodology used in Performance Testing
•Life cycle of in Performance Testing
2.Tool Introduction
•Available Tools in market
oLoad runner
•Load Runner
3.Load Runner/Performance Center
•Architecture of Load Runner
•Vugen Overview
•Overview of HTTP/HTML protocol
•Demo of Sample application on HTTP/HTML & Web services
•Recording a script in HTTP/HTML & web services
•Enriching the Script via Correlation & parameterization
•Advanced Concepts of Data manipulation in Vugen
•Practice 1
•Practice 2
•Overview of RDP/Citix/ODBC/RTE protocols
5.Scenario Creation & Execution
•Setting up load runner scenario
oRamp up & Ramp down strategy
oGroup strategy
oStep up ScenarioException Handling
•Load Test / Stress Test/Endurance Test setup
•Execution setup
•Online Monitoring
•User Defined Exception
6.Monitoring Profile Setup
•Infrastructure Monitoring Setup
•Setting Counters on Windows and Linux servers
7.Analyzing the Results
•In-depth walkthrough of how to analyze the result
•Understanding of each graph types
•Bottleneck Identification
8.Performance Engineering Brief
•Use of Profilers
•Dynatrace & JProfiler Overview
•JDK Free Tools
•Knowledge Repository to refer
9.Function testing Key Concepts (.5 days)
•Need for testing
•Vmodel & testing levels.
•Test case creation
•Defect life cycle
•Defect management tools overview
•Black box testing Techniques
oEquivalence partitioning
oBoundary value analysis
oDecision table testing
oState transition testing
oUse case testing
•White box testing techniques
oStatement testing and coverage
oDecision testing and coverage
oOther structure based testing
•Exploratory testing
•Risk based testing tequniques
10.Jmeter (free ware powerful Testing Tool)
•Jmeter overview
•Features of Jmeter
•Recording webApplication
•Other protocols supported
•Scripts enrichment
•Validation checks
•Setup of Generators
•Result analysis
•Jmeter plugins
•Defect tracking
11.Performance Testing In Agile Way
•Agile Software Development
•Agile Testing Methods
•Roles & Skills of Tester in Agile Team
•Tools in Agile Projects
•Release & Iteration Planning
•Managing an Agile Performance Testing
12.Security Testing Overview
•What is Security Testing?
•HTTP & HTTPS basics
•Encoding & Decoding
•Testing Cookies
•Testing web service security
oBroken Auth & Session Management
oCross Site Scripting
oInsecure Direct Object reference
oSecurity Misconfiguration
oSensitive data exposure
oMissing Functional Level Access control
oCross site request forgery
oUsing Components with Known Vulnerabilities
oUnvalidated Redirects and Forwards
•Open source & free security testing tools

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