An Indian Princess escorting exclusively and discreetly ! !

Posted by Rani on 22/09/2017
I am Woman
Age 21 years old
Ethnicity Asian
Preferred Mode of communications Whats App only ! !
Direct call will not be answered !!
Text on Whats App only at # 8951601577

Hi - I moved to the area in january and although I have some friends in the BTM area, not too many right around me.... and given that I am pretty busy with my new job, it'd be nice to meet friends that were right . I'm open to platonic friendships too, but am definitely looking to meet a **special** someone, hopefully sooner than later.

For the special someone, I do (like most of us), have a list of things that matter to me. If we didn't, I guess it wouldn't be this hard, right?

He should:

be a non-smoker, moderate drinker (or not at all), and no drugs.
He should be reasonably near my age (I'm 26), taller than me (I'm 5'9), and fit enough to ride 20 miles on a bike If he regularly rides a bike and finds himself in the woods, all the better.
I'm not to concerned with profession, but I'd like him to be intellectual enough to help keep the conversation mill going. The "so, how was work today" conversation can get old.
so he should be able to get along with that without constantly picking a fight.... people always have to agree, but I tend to get along best with folks

Things that I think are cool about me:

I can speak 5 languages TAMIL TELUNGU HINDI AND KANNADA AND ENGLISH , cook pretty well, grill even better and take awesome pictures with a camera that fits in my pocket.
My friends and I often go backpacking and hiking.
I prefer to ride my bike to INDRA NAGAR than take the metro.
I am 5'9, and I have curly hair. If I brush the curly hair out when dry it becomes really really huge. For your amusement, I've included a photo. I can make fun of myself pretty well... if you don't amuse yourself, who will.
I'd like to live abroad someday - . If somebody shared that dream, it'd be stellar.
I like to read National Geographic, books about psychology of decision making, random other non-fiction books and the occasional brainless beach novel.

Hopefully enough to spark some interest - if not.... good luck to you anyway.

Preferred Mode of communications Whats App only ! !
Direct call will not be answered !!
Text on Whats App only at # 8951601577

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