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Synopsis:- ​​​​A story of betrayal, cold–blooded murder and the rise and eventual fall of gangsters, Kings of Hades is an action thriller tangled with spices of romance, crime and a mirage of....​​​​

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Great book Great read, don't blink or you will miss the story it has to offer!!!

"If you are looking for something that will just play with your mind, open your heart, and possibly rekindle your faith in humankind, a good book to start because the writer is quite new and a fresh raw writing & sketching of scenes. Maybe a new style, who knows this may pave a new beginning for the author."

"A Teetotaller venture, which is a total freshness."

— Amy Wilkins, Fox Entertainments & Graphix

Although I agree with Michela about some confused paragraphs & typing errors, I have worked along with the author. Very talented person, he is part of our new ventures in IT field. I wish him the path of great success to reach his goal of heights.

"AXE sponsors Ray 'Z' Light & ROcean because we cannot imagine a more influential and powerful audience reading the editorials they sponsor into the market. There may only be a thousand of them at Ray 'Z' Light at any one time, but their ability to change the world is incalculable."

"Colorful works on the Hard Copy"

— Steve Atkins Meyer, Chief Officer, AXE

"The Kings of Hades has endorsed two key notions. One: The pursuit of life among two worlds by a fresher. Two: The power of the underworld only gets stronger if you include genuine grounds. It may seem a work of great dreamer but the freshness and rawness shows the intentions of the author to bring to light some truths which he may have come across in life. Not only as we pursue our own vibrancy, but as we help make the environment of knowledge better for others."

"This sounds like a true tale used as an advisor in as an advisor in a local mix"

— Michela Levy, Frogg

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