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Have you thought about how you find this website on the search engine? Do you know how a website ranks on the first page of the search engine? We have all the answers to your curiosity here. Search engine optimization or SEO is the primary factor behind all this ranking process. If you also want to get your website rank on the top, choose the Best SEO Company in Lucknow for the best results. Read below to know more about the search engine optimization process in detail.

An intro to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy of attracting targeted traffic to a website. The goal is to make a website accessible to index and crawl. When a user types for a specific question, the search engine crawlers go to the websites to find the most relevant answers to the user's queries. To make this crawling process easier, search engine optimization strategies are implemented. The method of SEO is divided into different parts to make the process easier. Now understand how the process works.

Types of search engine optimization

There are three types of SEO strategies used to increase organic traffic on a website. Hire the Best SEO Services in Lucknow to get the best rankings on the search engine. The various types of SEO are available such as:

On-page SEO

As goes with the name, the On-page SEO tactics are used to enhance the readability of the web pages. All the tactics used under this helps the search engine crawlers to understand the content of the website. The On-page SEO includes:

Keywords: Keywords are used to emphasize the core concept of the content. It helps search engine bots to understand what the content is about

Content creation: High-quality Publishing content helps increase the ranking of the web page as the search engines prefer user-oriented websites.

Meta tags and descriptions – Meta tags give the content an identity that helps the search engine bots understand the content quickly.

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