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Horizont universal color sorters are optical belt sorters that are used for sorting food and non-food bulk products such as nuts, grains and legumes, dried vegetables and fruits, coffee, frozen foods, chips and cereals, as well as for sorting metals, minerals and plastics.

An important feature of Horizont belt (horizontal) photo sorters is that the sorting product is analyzed from all sides - from above by three cameras above the conveyor belt, which allows you to see almost 100% of defects, and by a camera on the exit from it. The product enters the field of view of the cameras in a thin, calmed layer on the tape, which increases the accuracy of analysis and removal of weeds.

Due to lower speeds than on tray machines, the product is less injured - this expands the range of applicability of optical sorting.

Design features allow you to adapt the elements for use with abrasive products, wet and dry, incl. dusty; requiring careful handling.

The color sorter is equipped with high-resolution cameras - 5400 pixels working in the visible and infrared range. The image received from the cameras is analyzed by an intelligent system capable of distinguishing objects not only by color, but also by complex features - textures and shapes, sorting by 3D shape. The intelligent tuning system is able to adjust itself when the parameters of the incoming raw materials change, with minimal operator intervention.

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