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Wafer, is a proprietary network filter framework that utilises state-of-the-art content filtering algorithms in real-time. It goes a step beyond any existing network filter solution by providing real-time mitigation of network packets that are found to be of malicious intent or origin. The research that has gone into the development of this advanced filter framework has utilised concepts of Deep Packet Inspection, No-delay Routing and Data Science to create a generic robust filter that, in real-time, can not only detect malicious incoming network packets but can also mitigate them.

This framework has been tested against all known red team penetration testing tools and protocols, against known malware/ransomware from at least 40 different online repositories and has delivered flawless results. Below is a brief of the research protocol obeyed to derive this maverick invention put forward by us.

Wafer Chip 1.0 is a limited-purpose filter, specially designed to give immaculate security to ATM Machines that may be configured in any network. It has automated forensic artefact collection modules and automated incident response modules embedded within.

Wafer Nova 2.1 is a fully equipped network filter, that works best when quantifiably deployed at critical endpoints. These machines can make one system sterile and can handle a throughput of up to 1 Gbps. This model can be fitted with forensic artefact generation modules and automated incident response modules, as per the requirements of the customer. It can also come with built-in Data Leakage Protection Modules.

Wafer Nova 2.2.x is a range of minicomputers that have been fitted with the Wafer framework. This range gets deployed at the router directly and can provide full protection to a subnet of varying sizes. These models come with built-in Data Leakage Protection.

•Nova 2.2.1 can protect a sub-net accommodating up to 50 different devices simultaneously and operates with a throughput of up to 10 Gbps.

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