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you start thinking of the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in, what comes to your mind? If it's the bedsheets, you're in the right direction. Bedsheets play a significant role in your sleep cycle. Just think about it, they come in direct contact with the skin and even make you cosier while on the bed.

The myriad variety of bedsheets on the market could send you on a never-ending loop where you end up buying what you saw in the first place. Here is a list of four-pointers we have combed to help you narrow down your best bed companion.

Material of Bedsheet

Back in the old days, most bed sheets in the market were made up of two materials, cotton.. and yes, cotton. It is still the most in-demand sheet fabric because of its high durability, breathability and cosiness. One of the smartest choices, cotton bedsheets trap heat during summer and pass cold air during summers so that your sleep is not disturbed.

If you don't like much moisture, bamboo blended bed sheets are your choice. Being sustainable and naturally antimicrobial, it is one option worth considering while buying.

Linen sheets, work well in hot climates due to its heat-absorbing tendency. One of its significant downsides is regular ironing. Linen sheets can get wrinkled quickly. So, to make your bed welcoming, be prepared to do a lot of ironing.

Thread Count of Sheet

A lot of talks nowadays is about the thread count, i.e. number of threads in one square inch of any fabric. It is always assumed that the higher this number goes, the softer is the fabric. While that is technically true, it is factually false.

Thread count is valid when comparing two different bedsheets made out of the same fabric. A lower thread count sheet made of Egyptian cotton will feel softer than one having a higher thread count but made from a lower-quality cotton blend.

Weave of Fabric

So, you like your sheets crisp or soft? If you want your sheets with a little crack, go with percale, it is a plainer weave as compared to t

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