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Type of job Human Resources
Contract Permanent
Mobility International
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Senior Level Assignments ~ Human Resource Management ~ Resource Management~ General Administration ~ Legal Matters~ Security Initiatives/Disaster Management~Academics


* A sincere and dependable professional with extensive experience of assuming leadership roles in HR Management ,General Administration, Operations and Equipment Management, Legal Matters , Disaster Management and Security Initiatives

* Proven ability - in working with people, a mature professional having a clear focus, high confidence level, good presentation skills and a drive for obtaining results .Rich experience in inter-action with civil administration and Government hierarchy

* Adept - in managing HR functions involving Training & Development of large groups of Personnel running into several thousand. Well experienced in organisational and employee engagement through required HR interventions and practices

* Proficient in optimal Resource Management including Supervision , Financial Budgeting, Logistics and Equipment Management worth Crores

* Rich experience of General Administration of large to Medium Scale Operations as also running of Educational and other Institutions with the ability to represent them in a positive, motivated and enthusiastic manner in line with established core values

*Handling RTI and legal cases at High Courts and Lower Courts being Law qualified

*A qualified Helicopter Pilot with expertise in air transport/liaison and logistics procedures

Injured in the line of duty while serving the nation during operations with Pakistan (Siachen Glacier)


* Law -Qualified(LLB),Punjab Univ Chandigarh

*Disaster Management, IGNOU, New Delhi.

* APA Certificate (Computers) NIIT Chandigarh

* Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, IGNOU New Delhi

* Post Graduate Diploma in HRD, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Technology, Barielly.

* Diploma in Business Management - IIMM, Pune

### Forte being leadership roles in HR Management, General Administration, Operations and Equipment Management, Legal Matters,Security Initiatives/ Disaster Management and Management of Educational Institutes


*Human Resource Management to include Managing, Supporting and delivering HR agenda as per requirements of the Institution/Industry

*Implementing HR policies for manpower planning, utilization, induction, orientation and development of employees in the Organisation

*Managing the complete life-cycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources after identification of manpower and organization requirements

*Conceptualizing & implementing need-based intensive training programs to enhance productivity of officers and men

* Experience of handling General administration, HR management, to include documentation, pay & allowances, leave, discipline, legal cases, and welfare of more than 5000 employees

*Career management and training of various personnel for higher appointments


*Supervising ,forecasting, financial budgeting, procurement, distribution, consumption and accounting of material, equipment, clothing ,rations and inventory management of vehicles etc

* Event Management to include managing and planning mega scale events with large budgets and manpower involvement

*Developing and implementing key strategies in alignment with organizational objectives

*Devising efficient logistics management system, conducting market survey, finalizing contracts to ensure delivery of goods as per committed timelines and cost


*Regular office management including maintenance of building services, overseeing setting up of office premises. On ground experience as the Station Commander in networking with state and Govt machinery,contractors,environment protection/arboriculture, housekeeping, civil works

*Handling general administration to include upkeep of land records, buildings, roads and other civic amenities in the station

*Planning & monitoring intensive security arrangements involving devising security plans &

deployment of security personnel and arms/ammunition

*Managing vehicles, technical equipment, weapons, electronic surveillance and optical equipment

*Handling legal cases at High Court and Lower Courts

A Gold Medalist Associated with Indian Army Since September 1977

#May'10 - Apr'12 Brig Arty, Staff(Siliguri/Sukna)

#Aug'08 - Apr'10 Brigade Commander (Meerut)

#Sep'03 - Jun'05 Colonel Administration, Bengal Area/111 Sub Area (West Bengal)

#Jul'05 - Aug'08 Colonel Administration Uttar Bharat Area (UP and Uttrakhand)

#Jun'91 - May 93 Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General 24 Arty Brigade (Bikaner)


*Commanded a Regiment and a Brigade with distinction. Was in complete and independent charge of manpower exceeding 5000 persons(including training, administration and discipline), vehicles and equipment worth several hundred crores of rupees and ensuring their serviceability and efficiency at all times

*Was selected to perform the duties of Colonel-in-Charge Administration of three large geographic areas

encompassing West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand

*As Colonel-in-Charge Administration of Bengal Area, 111 Sub Area and thereafter Uttar Bharat Area wasin-charge of all administrative aspects, including upkeep of resources, logistics, pay and allowances,welfare and man management of several thousand personnel. Also recruitment, administration, pay & allowances promotions/retirements and discipline of more than thousand defense civilian employees

*Overhauled and did a complete face-lift (including arboriculture) in two major military stations ( Meerut and Bengdubi)

*Was appointed Chairman of Army School Bengdubi (Bagdogra), Army School Sukna (Siliguri), Kendriya Vidyalaya Meerut and Kendriya Vidyalaya(Siliguri) at various times during service

*Received Army Commanders Commendation in 1987

*Received Army Commanders Commendation in 2008

*Cleared up long standing legal and administrative tangles in Bengal Area, 111 Sub Area and Uttar Bharat Area in the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand


Date of Birth : 08th Apr 1956

Marital /Family Status : Married. Two children, both settled.Elder son working with Unitech in

Bombay . Younger son working with Accenture, Gurgaon


Hobbies : Golf, Angling ,Philately , Reading

Clubs : DSOI Delhi, USI Delhi, Chandigarh Club , Shivalik

Golf Club, DSOI , Chandigarh

Permanent Address : 1553, Sector 18 D, Chandigarh

(Mob-9041871653 / LL – 0172 2774208 and 0172 2774209)

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