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It goes without saying, but every structure, regardless of size or intended purpose, must be secure. Buildings need structural integrity to simply continue standing. Some structures are more complex than others and require more complicated designs, but this is only a difference of degree, not kind. No matter how intricate or extensive the buildings or structures themselves might be, they all need a structural engineer to ensure the strength, stability, and rigorousness of the construction.

Buildings and other structures vary in size and in the materials used for building them. Structural engineers can assess the design of any particular structure with regard to these aspects. In so doing, they consider every facet of a building project’s parameters. They work with other designers, as well as planners and architects, to figure out the safest and most efficient ways to construct the supporting framework of the structure in question. This framework is often referred to as the “bones and muscles” of a building. Like the skeleton of a human being, these support structures—steel beams, lumber, drywall, and other materials—have to work in concert. They do this in order to maintain the shape and form of the structure, whatever it might be.

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