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Technical translation is the specialized field of translation that deals with converting documents from one language to another, but with a focus on scientific and technical subject areas. This means the translator needs to be not only good at languages, but also have a strong understanding of the specific field the text is about.

Here's a deeper dive into what technical translation is all about:

Expertise in both language and subject matter: Technical translators aren't just whizzes with grammar and vocabulary in two languages. They also need a solid background in the scientific or technical field the document comes from. This could be anything from engineering and medicine to software development or even user manuals.

Accuracy is paramount: A single गलत (galat, meaning "incorrect") translation in a technical document can have serious consequences. Technical translators take extreme care to ensure their translations are precise and accurately convey the original meaning.

Terminology is key: Technical fields are full of jargon and specific terms that don't have direct equivalents in other languages. Technical translators need to not only understand these terms, but also find the most accurate way to express them in the target language.

Technology can help: While machine translation can't replace human expertise, it can be a useful tool for technical translators. Translation memories and terminology databases can help ensure consistency and accuracy, especially for repetitive phrases and terms.

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